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William T. Tiller, ND., "Bill"

Bill was born in West Virginia during the depression. His father was a coal miner and his mother worked her garden and did the best she could to raise five sons and one daughter. With no doctor available, Bill's paternal grandmother took care of the folks "back in the hollers." Ellen Tiller was a herbalist. When she got too old, she picked Bill to assist her, he was about 9 years old. Ellen would send Bill to the ailing neighbor, to check eyes, tongue, complexion and sometimes collect spit for her to determine what herb was needed. Together, along the side of the mountains, Ellen and Bill planted, grew, collected, and dried bloodroot, mayapple, ginseng, stinging needle, and other herbs, of which pharmaceutical companies would also purchase.

After high school the family moved to work the Potash mines in Southeastern New Mexico. This is where he met his wife, Jeri, on a blind date, it was love at first sight for both of them. Together, they raised three children (two sons and one daughter), three biracial foster babies and Bill's two young teenage brothers after his father suddenly passed away from a heart attack at age 50.

Bill's training includes: cosmetologist, coal, potash and uranium miner, gas station owner, plumber, electrician, carpet and flooring technician, auto glass installation owner, salesman, and entrepreneur. With Bill and Jeri's move back to Texas, he became a licensed massage therapist and instructor, which enhanced his degree to become a Naturopathic Doctor. During his Naturopathic Internship in Washington D. C., Bill discovered "colonics." This became a passion, as his father-in-law had recently passed away from colon cancer.

During his internship, he found and became devoted to Connie Allred and her quest for a colon therapy association. Bill first served as Vice-president and then President of I-ACT for many years. He and Jeri helped build I-ACT membership by traveling all across the US, in their R/V teaching and also provided financial support for several years, to keep the Association strong.

Bill's introduction to alternative healing by his grandmother, his many studies, seminars, and challenges to his own health and family devotion have led to his many writings on health and healing. Bill's high energy and strong curiosity to know how to do many things has guided him through life.
He remains today, "In Life's Service"!

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